Ku Li: Bring ex-leaders back into Umno

Malaysiakini news carried this report:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83722

tengku razaleigh forum 260408 ku li speakingTengku Razaleigh also refuted the allegations of certain quarters that he would not contest the post of Umno president if Abdullah stepped down as Umno president and prime minister soon.

“That’s not correct. I am offering myself (to contest the post of president) to help rejuvenate an unsettled situation in the country, not because Pak Lah (Abdullah) wants to step down or otherwise.

“Whatever it is, I would want to wait until December,” he said. umnoThe Umno elections are scheduled for December when the party holds its general assembly.
Earlier extration from Malaysiakini :-  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/tengku-razaleigh-to-remain/

2 thoughts on “Ku Li: Bring ex-leaders back into Umno

  1. malayamuda says:

    this is typical of UMNO. When they are weak they will call for Malay unity and play the race card saying Malay political power is being questioned as there is no unity.

    Since UMNO is weak now and it is concerned about Malay unity, what they should do is to close down UMNO Baru and all its members should join existing Malay parties which are much stronger for the sake of Malay unity.

    If UMNO does not do this , then it only means they talk of Malay unity ONLY for their own selfish gains.

    UMNO is not Malay, and Malay does not mean UMNO. The Malay race has existed long before UMNO came to fight for Malay rights !

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