What SPDP-PRS Merger?Grassroots Consulted?

The Inside sources. (The merger talk started as early as July 2005. It must be noted that earlier PRS Supreme Council Meetings the issue was just touched on and nothing came of it and mosts of the time it was just brushed aside. The council members concentrated on the of setting up Bureaus,Divisions and going on Membership drive as the agenda from the 1st-8th Supreme Council meetings  

Sequence of Events:-February 25th 2006  9th PRS Supreme Council Meeting.We shall see if we are to merge was the signal from the meeting.( CM’s office has already sent signals to merge to be BN3)

May 25th 2006 PRS Crisis starts- 2 Camps

March 10th 2007 SPDP President Mawan said PRS leadership problem makes pursuing possibility of merger of coalition partners impossible.

November 9th 2007 Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing is in no hurry to hold a merger talk with SPDP.

May 8th 2008 We said The walls are starting to Shake!!.  Drama at its bests… Two Multi- racial BN parties merging as one entity.

May 9th 2008 The merged SPDP and PRS will become the second largest party in Sarawak going by the number of its elected representatives. 

May 17th 2008 Merger easy at the top uncertainty at grassroots.

May 29th 2008 PRS-SPDP in the right mood to merge.

Latest :-Masing said while it was important for the leaders of both parties to work together towards the merger, it was even more important to get approval of the members on the ground.

May 30th 2008. This prompted a Youth leader Leon Jimat Donald aligned to Larry Sng to come out and query Masing. When did you consult the grassroots? Are the 19 Divisions which are with Larry consulted? He even asked Masing to refer to read the article of April 10th 2008 that they still do not recognise Masing as President of PRS. The 19 divisions still reminded Masing not to manufacture overlapping and illegal divisions. The ROS has not up till today the 30th of May 2008 replied to the ” legal lists of office bearers”.

Leon said that It seems that the MARRIAGE of SPDP-PRS is an exercise of convenience for the leaders and not the grassroots. The divisional leaders are not even consulted and no official statements are forthcoming from the PRS Headquarters. 

The PRS Constitution clearly states in Article XX  and reads as 1. The Party shall not be dissolved/merged except by:-a) A resolution passed at the triennial Delegates Conference attended by not less 3/5s of the delegates eligible to attend under the provisions of article V11 Clause 1(a) of this constitution b) a 2/3rds majority of votes of the members present at such TDC as provided under clause 1(a) of this article.

2. notice of the dissolution/merger shall be submitted to the registrar of Societies within 14 days from the date of dissolution having been passed under clause 19a) and (b) of this article.

Is it so simple? Yes if all parties and the constitution is followed in total. The present scenario with the government of the day being under great surveillance and scrutiny it is not merely asimple tasks. Questions will be asked and if answers are not forthcoming especiallyt in Parliament there will be Uproars.

Our View stays:- Its already nearly two and three quarters years of talks and consultations from  July 2005 till now. Let the merger take its natural course and until there are concrete and detail plans it will remain still a “QUESTION MARK” and also maintain the momentum and prove me wrong……

Wishing all members and supporters of Party Rakyat Sarawak and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party “Selamat Hari Gawai” “Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai” Happy Merging…….  

Supp denied Kuching South mayorship

Malaysiakini Correspondent from Sarawak Tony Thien writes:-In a further indictment of the Sarawak United People’s Party’s (Supp) weakening position, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has rejected their candidate for mayor of Kuching City South. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83692

Our full report:- New Kuching City Mayor-not from SUPP https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/new-kuching-city-mayor-not-from-supp/ 


Meanwhile a Senior Branch leader from SUPP in Kuching was quick to point up that its a bitter blow to SUPP and we might be the next “Gerakan” in the next elections and we might be wiped out. There is a lot of unhappiness and the grassroots are saying that the leaders are not good enough and some even are so angry and suggested that pulling out of the coalition might be a better deal.

Environment and Public Health Minister Datuk Michael Manyin told reporters “I think if SUPP (Sarawak United People’s Party) wants its candidate as mayor, it better work hard to regain the four seats in Kuching so as to have stronger and better bargaining power,” 

A Divisional branch leader from Sungai Teku and a Sibu Municipal councillor was quick to support his President’s unhappy stance and that the party would have to work hard to regain the mayor’s post by building up the trust and confidence of the electorate in Kuching. He further added that though SUPP losts 4 out of 5 seats in Kuching the “Component Party Leader”should not have uttered such a statement. We have losts and if a coalition partner have losts we will not pull a Knife and aim for the heart. In other words the PBB leader should choose the right words for the Press consumption after all we are partners in the coalition.

Another Branch Secretary from SUPP a councillor from MBKS was indeed happy for the appointment of James Chan as the new Mayor but was not so compromising with the Ministers attack on the Party President. Why we lost?  He said we losts the seats as we know we did not see to the peoples needs. Our governments policy in regards to the land issue is not up to what the people requests and the voters have made their voices heard in the ballot polls in the State and Parliamentary Elections.

A SUPP political Secretary to the Chief Minister congratulated James Chan on his appointment and he hopes that he will perform his duties to the bests of his abilities. This should not be an issue anymore and we should look after the rakyats needs as the appointment has already been made.

SUPP will need to address this issue positively or else there will be more misery for the party.