Storm Brewing In Sabah?

dr jeffrey kitinganThere was a hive of activity in Sabah today and a lot of cars were seen making their way to Musa Aman’s house. Is there a storm? There are also indications that SAPP are moving a gear forward.  In an earlier report on 24th of May Jeffrey who is also Sabah PKR deputy chief, said that the first batch of Barisan MPs to join Pakatan will take place either at the end of May or early next month. Abdullah will be in KK today and all eyes will be on Sabah. Happy Kaamatan(harvest) festival to all Kadazandusuns of Sabah.  


3 thoughts on “Storm Brewing In Sabah?

  1. Azman says:

    Abdullah going to Sabah to name look into the foll:-
    1.Abolishing the controversial state departement
    2.Illegal problems-Form a panel
    3.Standardised prices of goods.
    He will try to convince the Sabahans that stauts quo is better than looking for a new partner.
    Will we buy it thats the question?
    There must be more …

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