Mahathir fires another salvo

“He’s more afraid of Singapore than Umno members,” the former premier told a crowd of 300 supporters who had gathered to welcome him back from a week-long overseas trip. Full report by Syed Jaymal Zahiid from Malaysiakini  at

Our view…. When Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he was quitting Umno on 18th May 2008 he thought there would be a snowballing effect from his former colleagues and also a domino effect with mass resignations.He has been very persistant and urged UMNO members to emulate him.

Now his strategy is to use Malaysia’s lost in the sovereignty of Pulau Batu Puteh whose ownership was given to Singapore by the International Court of Justice. Seems Mahathir will not stop pushing in his agenda till Abdullah gives way and steps down.

Just as we thought, Muhyiddin does not want to be left behind and outpaced  he said: “There is a need for the (succession) plan to be put in place now rather than later.The prime minister has mentioned that Najib is his successor.But the question people are asking is, when?  I cannot answer that as he was interviewed by Reuters. The turmoil in UMNO is heading for self destruction if all the leaders keeps on attacking the Prime Minister who returns from Japan tonight.

Surely,Abdullah will have the final say as he battles to safe his term in office. abdullah ahmad badawi looking leftThe next couple of days we will see more interesting developments.Is “Snap Federal Elections” in the offing as an alternative before he even faces the “Vote of No Confidence.” There is price for all this. PM knows what is already coming… 

Abdul Latiff: Docs have licence to kill


Malaysiakini carried a report. . It was supposed to be a straight forward question at Parliament by Alexander Nanta Linggi (BN-Kapit) on the shortage of doctors in remote areas of Sarawak. Surely for Deputy Health Minister Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad one would think that he would not have the cheek to answer so blatantly with the phrase “Licence to Kill”.

An elderly retired medical pensioner and a voter from Kapit was rather rattled and upset when he was informed by one of his friends.He said our YB was just asking for an answer why need to use the “James Bond 007”. This is Parliament and not Movie theatre. You know for a simple Appendicitis( Untreated, mortality is high, mainly due to peritonitis and shock) a person could also die from it when you have to travel all the way down to Kapit from the longhouses” he was very furious. This is an issue close to heart of the rakyat and as such we need answers and our Alex is voicing our needs. If he is not doing his job we would not have put him there. Respect our YB lah!!  He still remembers the programme in 2007 called ‘Leader and Healthy Lifestyle’ where the MP reminded the people not to neglect their health as it relates to their lives. 

Even though the deputy Minister did reply that  the government has introduced measures to tackle the shortage of skilled personnel, such as re-hiring retired medical officers who have served with the health ministry. We also have increased medical education opportunities and work closely with the human resource ministry to encourage skilled workers working abroad  to return and work here,” 

Was the answer good enough? Come to think of it, it’s not the Answer that is relevant, it’s the Approach I must say.Issues relating to health,education and basic needs are the rakyats concern and as such all MPs are in Parliament as “Peoples Representative” and are there to find solutions and come up with constructive answers. Tony Pua’s “column also carried this “Whats wrong with our Ministers?

I wonder do you? Have your say if you must….