PKR kicks off campaign to win Sarawak

Excerpts from Malaysiakini :- anwar interview and opposition parties and electionTony Thien the Sarawak Correspondent from Malaysiakini writes:-The party’s ambition is bolstered by the huge turnout estimated around 5,000 rarely seen before at the Kampung Gita ceramah attended by Anwar Ibrahim on last Friday.PKR along with its ally in Pakatan are already seeing some clear signs of a change of mood among the Malay community in favour of the opposition. PKR has already identified their own Malay/Melanau candidates, many of whom are either academics or professionals to take on ruling PBB candidates.
Their hopes have already been bolstered by the huge turnout estimated around 5,000 rarely seen before at the Kampung Gita ceramah attended by Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, last Friday.
Anwar touched on a wide range of issues, including the readiness of Pakatan Rakyat to take over the federal government and the reasons why this had to happen in the light of what is happening to Malaysia today, both from the national and international perspectives.
It the campaigns for the last election, ceramahs hardly attracted more than 1,000 people each.

Our report:-

PKR has begun what it hopes will be the first step in to eventually taking over the state government from Barisan Nasional with the launch of its new division over the weekend in the predominantly-Iban in Lubok Antu. PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who officiated at the launch on Saturday morning, described Lubok Antu – about 250km from state capital Kuching – as the gateway for opposition Pakatan Rakyat to enter Sarawak to prepare for the next state elections due in two to three years.

Nicholas Bawin, who heads the division, told Malaysiakini there were attempts by state BN leaders, especially deputy chief minister and PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu, to discourage people from attending.
Still, the crowd was considered big, given that the longhouse itself consists less than 20 doors or bilek, and that Anwar’s speech, again touching on a wide range of issues, including native customary rights (NCR) land was, according to several of those present, very well-received.
“Anwar was very pleased with the reception,” said a state PKR leader See Chee How, who was also present at the longhouse.
The party has directed the party’s state liaison committee to speed up the setting up of divisions in the rest of the parliamentary constituencies still without divisions in the state. From Lubok Antu, they will move to Betong, then to the central region and finally the northern zones.

Two divisions – Mas Gading and Mambong – have already been set up in Bidayuh areas in the southern region and the Serian division will be set up soon. Branches are also going to be set up in small villages.
A state-wide membership drive has started. Officials say between new 500 and 1,000 members are joining every week.
Our report:-


15 thoughts on “PKR kicks off campaign to win Sarawak

  1. CS Chin says:

    The Bidayuhs and Dayak NGO’s are very unhappy with the State adminsitration .According to a Bidayuh Engineer who wants to be called “Bai Kamang” translated as “Good spirit” he says the YBs are too afraid to push forward the peoples needs and requests to the State adminstration for fear of losing their Jobs as Minister or YB’s. Also the YBs wait for the Kampung people to invite them .How come they are the “Peoples Representative” and yet they are not seen on the ground. He mentioned it during 1 of the forums or in Bidayuh language called “Britong”
    PKR has indeed ruffled the feathers of the BN government

  2. Master Yoda says:

    Its NOW or never,
    come hold each other,
    kiss me my darling,
    be mine forever,
    Tomorrow will be too late,
    its NOW or never,
    jump over awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

  3. Patrick T says:

    If we don’t have the will and courage to fight for our rights, then at least fight for your children’s futures.Get the Oil prices down and if Anwar can keep his promises then there is a New Dawn in Malaysia.Hidup keadilan! Hidup Keadilan!!!

  4. Nor says:

    The wind of change only in West Malaysia Lah! We still contented and we will let Taib plunder the state for many more years!!Dayaks can be bought easily and to win the state not so easy lah. Stop dreaming…….

  5. Chloe says:

    The key to change is to let go of the fear. BN and Pakatan what is the difference? Both either way if government will also have to face the people in the elections.Same same 1. Whoever government we can change now lah..No more 70’s or 80s time.

  6. jambi says:

    pkr should speed up their setting up division in small village as soon as possible before upcoming DUN. BN state assemblymen are no longer reliable to air the rakyat problem. Sarawakian now suffer because state has systematically robbed our NCR,and claim so – called for development..

  7. syafiq says:

    aku ada pegi aritu..mmg ramai,x mcm dlu ms keadilan mula2 msk srwk..mmg beza.ada chance la PKR.cayalah Pakatan Rakyat!rakyat sarawak mahukan perubahan…

  8. Pathfinder says:

    Best la, never seen such big crowd here. our local newspaper black out the news again. come the next election, my vote will definitely on PKR.
    Good keep it up, Anwar, keep the momentum going.

  9. J.Cheah says:

    Anwar must go all out to get the recently elected MP from BN to cross over to Pakatan. After ruling us for 50 years what have we got. Lousy roads dirty streets stinking drains dirty water shit transport system and a host of other useless thing

  10. musang says:

    BN will be history if their programs are not tuned to be more people friendly. The people’s pengidup is not developed, by shouting development this, development that, but the income of the rakyat doesn’t increase, don’t u think u’ve failed?

    City Fox

  11. David Rowles says:

    With all this uncertainties and the crossovers again starting to blow down from the land below the wind
    there is talk already that there might be SNAP elections? Tan Sri Abdul Rashid told his offers to stand by…My My

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