Malaysiakini journalist loses laptop in Parliament

Malaysiakini journalist S Pathmawathy got a shock when she went to the media room in Parliament today to file her story – her brand-new laptop was stolen in what was supposed to be a secure area. Do you know that ….. The media room does not have a close-circuit camera. So with all the high tech $$$$ this is a concern… SHOCKED!! It is happening inside Malaysia’s highest law making establishment.


4 thoughts on “Malaysiakini journalist loses laptop in Parliament

  1. Hannah says:

    Thats very bad and to occur right in Parliament house Im also worried for us Malaysians. Crime rate is increasing and security measures must be stepped up.

  2. VC says:

    I heard some one say “tie the camel only then go for praying, as, even god cannot protect your camel from being stolen… what about a small lap top…

  3. crower says:

    It’s a multi purpose room catered for journalists. She paid dearly for her negligence. Instead of focusing on the main issue which is self negligence, you are now focusing on CCTV. Sure, CCTV can be helpful, but it wouldn’t literally “shoot” the thief and stop the act on the spot. If something is meant to be mobile, then gotto be extra careful with it. I bring my laptop everywhere when I’m on the move, even to the public loo but in no way does it guarantee being snatched by a snatch thief riding an EX5.

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