Abang Jo says MPs not Pushing for Cabinet Posts..

00004148.jpg The Sarawak(BN) government has never pressured the federal government for important posts, including the post of deputy prime minister, since joining Malaysia in 1963. So says Datuk Seri Abang Johari Tun Openg Sarawak State Housing Minister. http://themalaysianinsider.com/mni/sarawak-mps-not-pushing-for-cabinet-posts.html   Your comments………………….


3 thoughts on “Abang Jo says MPs not Pushing for Cabinet Posts..

  1. David Rowles says:

    Ya!! Ya!!! I believe you I think the people are not fools anymore.Look how many people turn up at kampung Gita from the reports of Malaysiakini and audie61blog. Step aside PBB here comes PKR..

  2. Manikar says:

    Johari said BN has discipline and BN has nothing to do with pamplets distributed in mosques. Anwar had said that the pamphlets were distributed as a deliberate act just to create tension.Johari also said Anwar was starting a psycological warfare to tempt elected representatives from Sarawak. Here we go!!PBB has started the war already and theyare afraid of Anwar and Keadilan.

  3. Aaron says:

    someone told me this 2 ppl are good frens!! How come they go after each others throat. Must be work of Pak Uban.

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