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Our momentum is just gathering speed and onwards so says State PKR Chairperson YB Dominique Ng in an exclusive telephone interview and we are not leaving anybody behind.The last few days in the State of Sarawak Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat was seen by many as a political star celebrity. It’s the current phrase in the market and amongst the political circles “PKR is the Name” ” I am One”  Seems that RHB Bank Corporate colours are also following Keadilan colours.It must be catching on says a new member who just had his membership approved. 

 The former DPM said he would not like to make promises and to make “Malaysia Great” again he could bring in foreign direct investments.” Of course the brand now is “A New dawn for Malaysia” and the Anwar has to keep the flag burning or else people will start deserting him. It’s all about cashing in at the right time!!

Anwar knows that UMNO at the moment is embroiled in party disputes and the Image according to Overseas Umno Club Alumni chairman Datuk Noh Omar Umno is between a rock and a hard place. Wow!! Wow!! Strong words indeed and to add salt in the wounds the Perak State Umno Youth has asked the party’s management and disciplinary committee to sack the Jerlun Member of Parliament Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir while Perlis Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim wants to coax the former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad back into the party. What’s more even Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had this to say,”Pak Lah is my friend, but can he manage the current situation? He’s a good man, but the situation has changed. I am being sincere,”  What significance has this on Sarawak Politics one may ask?

PBB as we know is a strong coalition in the State of Sarawak for BN while UMNO’s image is bruised and dented with the infightings.Sarawak as Anwar knows is a rich state blessed with all the natural resources of  oil,gas and timber and he is not about to waste this oppurtunity of the current mood of the people to work his magic wand. His Pakatan ship has already headed to Sarawak shores.Even foreign investors are impressed with his economic reforms for the country when he delivered a  keynote address at  an Economic forum in Singapore for around 800 overseas Fund managers. Development needs to be done for the people of Sarawak and he knows too well that the current mood will not last long as the people will get back to bread and butter issues. The economic welfare of Sarawak needs to be addressed and on the way to Lubok Antu he stopped at Serian and a number of the BN component party members came and shook his hands and also to whisper to him that development programmes are necessary to win the hearts of the rural folks.

Chief Minister of Sarawak Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud has tight control over the BN MPs and ADUNs and has fewer issues with the federal government. It is not so easy to erode powers when most of the MPS and ADUNs are steadfastly behind their leader who they know is the “Father of Development” for the people of Sarawak. He does have a tight leash on the state.

According to a BN Assemblyman from Asajaya Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah the basic needs of the rural mindset i.e.piped water,education,roads and electricity are what the people needs from the government of the day. The urban landscape are more towards current issues and the brand of PKR does appeal to the people. The rural BN YBs must not lose this attachment or else there will be problems he added. NCR to him can be addressed and its only a small minority that champions the cause. The Perak land issue will be used to convince the people in the next elections I added but to YB Karim it will fizzle out.

So what about the current players who just joined the ship in PKR i asked ? We shall see when the time comes and its still 3 years away but we must carry on our good works YB Karim does pack a punch in his words and to him his electorates are the ones that puts him in office. Suffice to say it’s one of the many safe seats for the BN in the rural areas.

PKR made inroads in the Last Sarawak State Elections in 2005 where they won the Padungan seat.Sarawak has only one YB in Dominique Ng who is the captain and to keep that momentum going other players are necessary to make the “team” The  recent addition of Dayak leaders in Paul Raja, a Kelabit from Bario,
Harrison Ngau , a Kayan from Baram,Baru Bian a Lun Bawang from Lawas and Nicholas Bawin Anggat (former MDC protem President ) an Iban from Lubok Antu speaks volumes for the party.I salute the party’s stance. 

pkr keadilan sarawak 170406 dominique ngYB Dominique was quick to answer my on a touchy issue of the members who joined? I said some of them have past their bests. Why? To me, It was because it was triggered by the current scenario in the country, noting that Umno and Barisan fared badly in the polls and lost the support of the young. I do not mean that we have to get the 21year olds to stand. But looking at the membership mix it does not look very promising in that you have Generals but where are the Foot soldiers. True, he agreed that DAP in the urban areas are doing well as a party because they have managed to inject young blood into their party system.

Keadilan will be turning their attention to the “Young and Dangerous” as he calls them very soon. Keadilan needs to strike the right chord between the young and the old. The young voters have a way of telling the parties in the election,’ We will hurt you and by the time you know what hits you my friends its too late.” To me its call an “Association to the Current Brand.”  The young knows and YB Dominique is quick to acknowledge that too.

 We are not here to improve. We are here to change for the better. Words that must be used to push the party onwards as he said about the generals,”If anything there are not politicians per se but they are social activists and they fight for the people and are well known in their respective communities.” We need to educate and the rakyats needs are there to be addressed and we must believe in fighting for the people and champion their causes or else politics is just a game. Its not!!!  We must stay competitive and the rakyat will know who to choose in the polls.

This reminded me of former Health Minister Datuk Dr.Chua Jui Meng who said,”A politician who keeps quiet is not a politician”  Everyone loves to be associated with a winners and the current brand will it last long? The tide will change and to YB Karim and YB Dominique this is the time when they will know where their real strengths are and who is with them and who isn’t. Capitalising on Trends and Branding has always been the Number 1in business but it is now being used by political parties in Taiwan,Japan,UK and USA. Are we ready……? Onwards….

8 thoughts on “Current Trends,Current Brands

  1. Samuel says:

    Well written.Interesting Read.We do sincerely hope the MPs from both Sabah n Sarawak know their priorities.Their future generation will suffer if they make the wrong choice. Interests of the rakyats come first. The dangling carrot is but a ploy and accepting it is a crime that will haunt you for generations to come.

  2. WT says:

    The Wave started in 2005 in Sarawak.The Tsunami hit West Malaysia in March 2008.So by 2011 it will be more than a wave and a tsunami.Sabah PKR chief Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan predicted that the last group to switch political allegiance will be MPs from Sarawak. What man so Sarawakians wait and see first? Clever or no balls…

  3. Phil says:

    I guess young people like us are really used to ‘independent learning’, and teachers or lecturers nowadays are merely facilitating us. I bet it kind of shaped the way we evaluate things around us too. So much emphasis is given to ‘Creative and Critical Thinking Skills’ and being independent in our education system. So we are not too young to know which MP is keeping his promise which is not. If we are not happy, we know where and when to show our dissatisfaction. I am glad that finally many MPs are awared of our presence in the country’s political scene.

  4. Michel says:

    A new page and a new meaning to the political scene needs to be written. The future belongs to the young people and they will know who will and are able to lead them. Should think by 2011 their mindset will be made and as YB Dom says Young and Dangerous.He he he I thought that was from a movie..

  5. Hero says:

    A lot needs to be done.We have to face realities and the Pakatan entity needs to be tested to be used as a unified front to go head on with BN in Sarawak. Promising and there must be common objectives.To get into the State Assembly and also to deny 2/3rd majority.Then there will be an achievement for starters

  6. CS Chin says:

    PBB days are also numbered. SUPP someone told me its like the last emperor as SUPP will be whitewashed.
    PRS will suffer infighting and SPDP will lose a couple of seats. My friend who is a Bidayuh say there are very unhappy with Pehin even though he attended the 60th Anniversary of Kampung Paun Sungai Rimu. What man to say that Bidayuhs are fighting cocks?
    My bidayuh friend was really upset and he told me watch the polls..!!

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