Back Seat Belts June 1st..Great!!

Federal Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said that effective 1st June 2008 it is mandatory for all back seats passengers to use seat belts. According to a survey conducted, a road transport official added ”It’s been demonstrated when people don’t wear seat belts, there are more fatalities. So if more people wear seat belts, the roads will be safer.” The question of course would be ”Do you think that people should wear seat belts at the back? What about the third person at the back,how does the seat belt look like? Shoulder belts/Lap Belts….Have your say I leave it to you.

The following Statistics shows:-

a) In all crashes, back seat lap belts are 32 percent effective in reducing fatalities when compared to unrestrained back seat occupants. The effectiveness estimate is statistically significant with confidence bounds: 23 to 40 percent

b) In all crashes, back seat lap/shoulder belts are 44 percent effective in reducing fatalities when compared to unrestrained back seat occupants. The effectiveness estimate is statistically significant with confidence bounds: 38 to 50 percent

  • Lap belt use in frontal crashes increases the risk of abdominal injuries even while reducing the risk of head injuries relative to unrestrained occupants.
  • Lap/shoulder belts reduce abdominal injuries by 52 percent relative to lap belts only.
  • I take a significant interests in that when I was in England I was saved by the seat belt when I crashed into a wall in Bournemouth on 24th of April 1984. The XR3 Ford car then did not have Air Bag and also my friend Mark Battistini who was at my back was pushed forward towards me and that did not help in me getting severe facial injuries. It was headline news and I still keep a cutting of the Bournemouth Echo to remind me of that accident. I’m glad to be alive and its 24 years from that episode and I see the Malaysian Government has finally realised that back seat passengers also need to secure themselves.

    It’s a bold step and June 1st 2008  will be a “Good day to start” as it’s Harvest Festival celebrations for the Dayak Communities in Sarawak and Sabah. Happy Buckle Up…Have your Say…Happy Gawai


    5 thoughts on “Back Seat Belts June 1st..Great!!

    1. Hiro says:

      Finally Malaysia is implementing this safety regulations. I was teased & laughed at for wearing seat belts at the back seat for years… PAY BACK TIME! No matter how much i try to explain the safety aspect but it falls to deaf ears. I for one will support this 100%.

    2. Rina says:

      Positive start…. i personally agree. What worries me is how many people are allowed to seat at the back. Do the authorities penalise if the the back seat passengers do not wear the seat belts. But if there are 4 passengers, how do you use if there is only two safety belts equipped? What about children, some seat belts are not children friendly. So many questions so little answers.

    3. Hazel says:

      Rina, you are sooo right…. have the authorities ever thought out this rules & did survey on this? Are they saying that we cannot carry more than 3 passengers at the back seat? Hello??!! We need answers. It is good step to implement this safety ruling but not much details are given. Maybe someone should query the Transport Ministry for details.

    4. Shane says:

      oohhhh… this is a hot topic! mr author thanks for bringing this up. no doubt it is a very good step but i don’t know whether the authorities have thought it through properly. i support this due to safety reasons but it has to have proper guidelines. i am curious on how the ministry will deal with this.

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