Anwar says it again…

Latest from the men on the Ground : At the launching of Lubok Antu Division attended by over 2500 people (estimated by reliable source) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that he was very pleased that the Dayaks are now throwing their full support to PKR and this is an indication that PKR and Pakatan Rakyat will provide a strong challenge to wrestle some “Dayak majority” seats in the State elections expected in 2011.

Press Conference at 6pm: There will be crossovers and Anwar Ibrahim told the press/media that he is keeping it close to his chest. It’s a chess game according to a Keadilan Sarawak Member and BN is running scared with all the talk of hoping,crossover or jumping to a new house. 

 Excerpts from Tony Tien Malaysiakini…

Anwar Ibrahim says it again. Pakatan Rakyat has the numbers to take control of the federal government from the Barisan Nasional. Addressing a PKR dinner in Kuching last night, the Pakatan de facto leader said many things were happening which made many Barisan MPs unhappy but they dared not speak out in Parliament.The Barisan MPs could speak out if they join Pakatan, he added. Later he made his way to……

Kampung Gita Ceramah-Our Report

anwar ibrahim pc 120508 03A huge crowd of more than 5000 turned up at a “Meet the People Session” at Kampung Gita where Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)  spoke last night in the Malay majority areas encircling the Sarawak State seats of Tupong(N6), Semariang(N7) and Satok(N8). These 3 areas are represented by 3 PBB incumbents namely Dato Haji Abang Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg (State Housing Minister-Satok), Datuk Haji Daud Abdul Rahman (Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office-Tupong) and YB Sahrifah Hasidah bte Sayeed Aman (ADUN Semariang).

According to a PBB member a lot of people were curious and were there to pick up on anything that is new on “Where and What?”  Dato Seri Anwars Keadilan can offer to the Malays in these constituencies.  A strong statement which Anwar focus is on the General Economics for the Rakyat  “Should we form the government we will bring down the oil prices? Malaysia produces enough and why should we buy from outside”. Our economy will be able to sustain the outside market forces which has hit hard on the wage earners.

Will the Voters in the Malay Majority areas buy that? I was told once by the Housing Minister that his voters in his area(10835) are more concerned about market forces affecting their daily lives than development promises. The Minister said at one ceramah a voter even asked him about the “Stock Exchange.”

Goes to show that we live in an era where voters in our areas know what they want. PBB and Parti Keadilan you will have to “Work Hard” to win these seats come 2011…..


27 thoughts on “Anwar says it again…

  1. Terence P says:

    It was very captivating and listening to the ever charismatic Sdr.Anwar you would have thought thats it for BN. In this PBB stronghold last night they were brought down on their knees. If this was election year would u not bet that Parti keadilan would make it…..

  2. CK says:

    June the 1st would be a good date as it is the day the Dayaks(natives) in Sarawak celebrate the harvest festival. Double joy !!! Lets show Sarawakian and Sabahan had enough of them.Hidup Keadilan

  3. Bustari says:

    To my brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak,
    Please JUMP NOW and be Quick. We in PR are waiting with opened arms for each and every one of you.

  4. Master Yoda says:

    Its NOW or never,
    come hold each other,
    kiss me my darling,
    be mine forever,
    Tomorrow will be too late,
    its NOW or never,
    jump over awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

  5. Pam says:

    The faster the better. Just one question : PKR’s Jeffery claims BN-elected representatives to start moving to Pakatan Rakyat before end of this month
    How sure is he? That means bye bye BN

  6. Jaithi John says:

    The people get the government they deserve.
    Meaning if you are not willing to fight for change then you cannot really blame anyone else for the sorry state you are in! What to do now? If Sarawakians don’t dare to say what what they want openly, then Sarawakians truly deserve what they are getting now

  7. Phillip t says:

    If we don’t have the will and courage to fight for our rights, then at least fight for your children’s futures.Get the Oil prices down and if Anwar can keep his promises then there is a New Dawn in Malaysia

  8. Ramless says:

    Anwar can preach all year but it is up to the Dayak leaders to tell their people in the rural areas not to accept money for votes.BN will do whattever to stayin Power!!!Our people in the rural areas should now opt for a change of leadership now.Sometimes its easier said then done.Dayaks should unite!!

  9. Atoi says:

    I was told similar fantastic atmosphere while Anwar gave his speech. What PBB should worry is huge number of youngsters (eligible to vote) turn out as volunteers such traffic control and usher inviting people. they are not paid like Pemuda PBB

  10. hasbuang says:

    nape saya tak tahu hah?lain kali kalau dato’ anuar datang hebohkanlah seluruh kuching… kat internetkah.rugilah tak pegi.kalau datang lagi email kat saya ok…

  11. Phil says:

    Enough is enough with the ‘yes sir’ culture. State assemblymen better do your best now, or else we’ll see many heads roll in the next state election! You guys need to be more vocal and pro-active.

  12. Eric says:

    To all Sarawakian and Sabahan,what are you waiting for???Don’t wait for the next election,its now or never…there might not be any hope if BN regain its footage,all the opposition will be squash.For my advice to DSAI…attack the enemy when the general,officer and soldier are disoriented and seperated for they will lost the war for sure.

  13. syafiq says:

    aku ada pegi aritu..mmg ramai,x mcm dlu ms keadilan mula2 msk srwk..mmg beza.ada chance la PKR.cayalah Pakatan Rakyat!rakyat sarawak mahukan perubahan…

  14. pathfinder says:

    Best la, never seen such big crowd here. our local newspaper black out the news again. come the next election, my vote will definitely on PKR.
    Good keep it up, Anwar, keep the momentum going.

  15. salba says:

    I’m just wondering who’s going to be the PM if the cross over from BN to PR is enough for them to form the next govt, as anwar is not an MP yet. Anwar has to win a by election before he can talk about the cross over so soon. also dont forget BN can play the same game. dangling carrots and sweets before the MPs of Sarawak and Sabah.

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