Jump One Cent..

It will affect the “computer screens!! Fancy been told by a RHB customer relations officer (ambassador as they are called now) when I used my handphone in the bank at 11.36am at Jalan Padungan. There was at least 25 people in the queue waiting for transactions. Could it be like Ventricular fibrillation..The ventricular muscle twitches randomly, rather than contracting in unison when you do a stress tests as the speed increases.

Huh! What???!!! I was tongue tied and apologised as i was wrong in the first place to use my handphone as there was already a sign on the door. Then when my turn came I informed the teller at counter 2 my earlier episode and she said to me,”that’s not the way to say and handle a customer” So I cheekily said so everytime someones hand phone rings the transactions will Jump One cent down.

When I had lunch with a businessman from Miri he said, Wah!! Is that what she say..We both know the obvious reasons of course its a security measure. However just to doublecheck when I walked out  I tracked back into the bank and  was taken aback as the security guard was not at the front door but at the back. Must be a new way of stopping crime by making the guards invisible. Though the bank has got CCTV but it pays to be safe don’t you think..?

The next time you go to any banks switch off your handphones as you will be blamed if some transactions are losts as it will Jump One cent Down and not Up…He he

3 Orang Ulu Lawyers joins PKR Sarawak.Anwar Arrives..

anwar sarawak visit 250408 speech

 State PKR Chairperson YB Dominique Ng has confirmed  that the 3 are Paul Raja, a Kelabit from Bario,
Harrison Ngau , a Kayan from Baram and Baru Bian a Lun Bawang from Lawas. This will strengthened the composition of its multi-racial membership base and the trio are expected to be fielded in the three Orang Ulu majority State seats of TelangUsan,Ba’kelalan and Belaga respectively.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) arrived at 3.30pm this afternoon and headed directly to to close a one-day seminar which was an “Induction for the New Leaders” amongst them were 7 Lawyers 3 Professors,2 Phd Holders and 3 Accountants.  Tonight he will be a guests of honour at a dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant Kuching which will be attended by PKR members,supporters and friends.

Tomorrow the 24th of May 2008 Anwar will head to Lubok Antu which is in Sri Aman to launch the party’s new Lubok Antu division. According to our sources a huge crowd of 2000 is expected where Nicholas Bawin Anggat (former MDC protem President ) will be named to head the New Division.Last month he was in Kuching where he launched the Mambong division(picture).

With this addition of No.15 Lubok Antu Division  PKR has expressed confidence given the mood swing in Sarawak  that they will provide an alternative to the ruling BN coalition in the rural areas. The voters in Sarawak will have their voices heard in the Ballot boxes in the Sarawak State elections due in 2011. The sideshow has just begun…..Hmmm..Do you agree?