New Tricks?-DUN Closing

As the dust settles and the Dewan Undangan Negeri is adjourned till November the Speaker brought the house down with 3 pantuns(Malay Poems). Dun wrestlers from both sides were all given a dressing down from Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud who in his 25 years in the Dewan has seen a lot of debates and happenings. But this ‘Dewan” is at its lowest and its creditabilty has been punctured.       What has irk and caused so much displeasure to the CM?

To put it mildly its the “Discipline of the Elected Members of the Legislative Assembly”. What he wants is the “Truth” and not “Falsehood” It just shows that he has achieve the Statesmen status and he goes on to say that in future he would love to see there is honest presentation,fair comments and YB’s must know how to conduct themselves well. He spoke in reference to all YBs from both sides of the fence and as politicians he does feel if both sides can work together it will represent “Working for the People of Sarawak”. He went on to say that “It takes two hands to make sounds’ and the People of Sarawak will acclaim and acknowledge them if the State is Progressive and Highly developed.

The CM also touched briefly on Racial overtones. “Racist Remarks” as he put it sternly should not be allowed anymore to rear its Ugly Head and he will not hesitate to put his foot down.This trend used by some YB’s to enhance their populist image and ego is to stop immediately. Lessons have been learnt and YB’s are matured and should not incite the electorate with this behaviour.

Updated today from the portal “KUCHING, May 15 ─ Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday took the opposition to task for criticising the government with allegations of corruption and nepotism, especially during the recent general election.

Taib, who is also state finance minister and planning and resource management minister, said there was no reason for any elected representative in the 71-member state assembly to adopt a racial line and question which ethnic group had benefited from the fruits of development”.

It was hectic 8 days of DUN sitting and what we have learnt from our ADUNS is that a lot needs to be desired before we even think of Broadcasting the sessions “LIVE”. The Chief Minister passed  a remark that the Obama and Clinton Presidential Race in the United States should not only tell us that there are still new tricks out there but  we need first to discard off that “Wrestling Image.” Let’s look forward to November- Fireworks..Did I say that ?….Hope not.