With A Little Help From My Friends

30th September 1967 ” With a little help from my friends” The first lyrics sung by the  Beatles were Would you believe in a love at first sight/Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time”.  Eversince it was first released in the 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band subsequently Joe Cocker used it in 1968 as the opening theme song of the American television series The Wonder Years. Wet Wet Wet’s followed it up with a single  version and it was released on 9 May 1988.

May 2008 “With  a little help from my friends” in the country so says Nigerian politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives Honourable Dimeji Bankole to stop Corruption and Preferential Treatment as he was being grilled In BBC’s Hardtalk programme. An UMNO party insider who wants to remain anonymous wants a stop to corruption and arrogance. UMNO needs to change to suit the times and win back the trusts of all races and the BN component parties. Politics as we know is The Art of Perception and Nothing is Impossible and Everything is Possible. What is so significant about a little help?

The Barisan National needs to do a lot of soul-searching and to win back what is lost while the Pakatan Rakyat believes in love in the first sight eventhough Parti Keadilan, DAP and PAS just did not bother about the term “Marriage of Convenience”. Yes it happens all the time of course the Beatles knew it then in 1967 and isn’t it time for the for the government of the day to win back the peoples trust  in running the nation.

Fair enough we also know that Politics is about numbers. I witnessed the ongoings of the Dewan Undangan Negeri the last couple of days and we saw yesterday a walkout of 6 DAP Assemblymen after a fiery exchange with Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh. Today the DUN wrestling continued with YB Chong having to answer charges of contempt of the Dewan. The house has 62 BN and 9 Opposition.

Naturally BN friends came to the rescue and 47 voted to carry the motion with 7 against and YB Chong was found to be guilty. There was a lot of altercations and a lot of names calling and it was very rowdy. More like World- Wide Wrestling Federation than a Dewan Undangan Legislative Meeting? I must have saw it coming when I called it DUN wrestlers. 

 Will YB Chong get his help from his friends that is the rakyat to sympathise with him and make him a martyr? YB Chong is a capable and well liked politician as we know he does endure suffering because of his belief, principle and his cause for the rakyat. An established and experienced Hair stylist   was asked by the Speaker when he asked Why is Chong so popular? She cheekily commented that YB Chong is not only “Capable” but also “Good-Looking” and thats why the ladies voted him in. The Speaker YB Dato Sri Mohamad Asfia was obviously himself caught by surprise. It goes to show that it is more than a little help from his friends.

Even today 13th May 2008  Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has managed to head off a possible crossover of Sabah Barisan Nasional MPs to the Opposition by meeting key political players. Abdullah’s government can collapse if 30 BN MPs cross over to Pakatan Rakyat. It is such a fine line and demands,issues have to be entertained and looked into without sweeping under the carpet again. To make matters more pressing Anwar has already become a factor by promoting attractive, easy to understand themes for Sabah like 20 percent oil royalty which means two billion ringgit a year for the state.”

In the struggle of BN and Pakatan it is not merely words,preferential treatment or the corrupt practise of offers between RM20 million and RM30 million being made will be the answer. It goes beyond that and when Nigeria a country who has every intention so says the Speaker to rid its bad image of preferential treatment  is willing to look beyond its own shore for help nothing is absolute anymore.

 The 222 members of Parliament will need all the help from their friends if they are to restore the Nation’s Trust and Mandate given for them to lead the Nation to the 21st century. Malaysia have come a long way since 30th September 1967 and for that matter since Independence in 1957 and together as one we should strive for a positive Perception of the Government of the day.