Mid-Stream Political Changes.

In the roulette table besides placing bets on either the Red or the Black the gambler will have a set of numbers to bet. The choice of the roulette will also be the American or the European. What is the significance on this to the ruling Barisan National Federal Government and Opposition Pakatan Rakyat?

Obviously its the “House“.The European Roulette Wheel contains 37 numbers including 0 and 1 to 36. Having one zero (0) gives the house a 2.70% advantage.The American Roulette Wheel contains 38 numbers including 0, 00 and 1 to 36. Having two zeros (0, 00) gives the house a 5.26% advantage.

Speculations are really rife that the crossover will be sooner rather than later. Figures,dates and the total numbers from different “ships” moving to another “house”. So how will Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim or Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi deal their chips?

The wind that is blowing seems to point to 16 potential MPs who will start the ball rolling and this to many political pundits will destabilise the present government. One has only to take the cue from former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad that the “threat” looms and that Anwar is a force to be reckoned with. The Prime Minister of the ruling BN Government will have the advantage but Anwar will have to make the “difference” for those intending MP’s even to “think” to cross that divided line. People will only cross over if they join a house in power and not aspiring to get power.

The East Malaysian States that is Sabah and Sarawak were not dealt a “good hand” though they managed to secure 54 Parliamentary seats. One of the MPs Datuk Anifah Aman created a stir and excitement in Parliament when he even dared to speak out as being treated like “stepchildren” by the Barisan National leadership. They feel that Sabah and Sarawak should have obtained a large share of Ministerial positions than states like Selangor or Johor. Sabah and Sarawak contributed 56 of the 140 parliamentary seats won by Barisan National. Will there be a possible or totally unthinkable Midstream Political Changes?

One of the differences European or American roulette tables is that in European casinos, croupiers use a long stick known as the Rake to sweep in all chips, while the American casino dealers will use their hands and arms to sweep the chips off the table. There are many differences and ideologies in any political parties but the “House” rules will have to be accepted even before the “wheel” starts spinning.

A close political friend puts it nicely about Anwar in that he knows the edges of the sword but Badawi only knows the handle. What then is the option for all the Members of Parliament? The ball is in their hands and the Malaysian Public are waiting for them to open up and spin it on the table.

The numbers game  on this roulette table is 222 and the choice for all of them would be it’s either Black or Red. Will September come to early for either the Barisan National or Pakatan Rakyat? Badawi will have to stop that roulette spin as Anwar has set the date September 16th as the day the new government will be formed.

Who will have the advantage and make the difference is anyone’s guess…..”Black or Red“…..MP’s your call..

2 thoughts on “Mid-Stream Political Changes.

  1. John S says:

    Will there be a possible or totally unthinkable Midstream Political Changes?

    Time will tell. Of course this will be no good for the country as foreign investors will be put off due to unstable political scenario..politics is such that numbers will change the name of the game.

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