Sarawak Pie…National Politics?

70 million Facebook users to date. My friend who was on the same flight this morning commented that even the tycoon Li Kah Shing holds a stake. Cheekily to try to push words in my mouth he said” Wonder Whether U know “‘WHO”has share?” Thaksin Shinawatra has Manchester City so without facts I would not be caught in a “coil” so it seems… that I have managed to wriggle free. Even Facebook has to play catch up to News Corp-owned MySpace which boasts more than 110 million users.

The 2nd question was the movement of our Political Parties. SUPP getting its “House” in order with the Rallying Cry from all corners supporting the President Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan to stay on. He said he was leaving it to SUPP members to decide whether he should stay on as their president”.Such an astute and well thought of a “political statement”.

Dayak based parties SPDP-PRS have every intention of “merger”.  SPDP president Dato Sri William Mawan said a lot of personal re-engineering needs to be done and members must never put their their own interest above BN’s interest. My  political friend  put it nicely as the theory of ” consolidation of forces” and moving the decible higher to match the intended onslaught of National Based Parties.The attack of “Sarawak”just like “Pearl Harbour 1944.” Of course there are and might be some kind of Pact previously but some fallen Generals of the ruling BN coalition are taking a fresher and closer look towards these shores.

Where else to get a breadth of “Fresh air and getting New soldiers” on board the depleted ships of UMNO,MCA,MIC,Gerakan and PPP. UMNO has its protem committee and divisions already rooted. PPP before the General Elections came in but without much fanfare. MCA has made some penetration while Gerakan a much battered coalition partner of BN will be seriously looking into Sarawak shores. Gerakan is afterall very much a multi racial party and it will subscribe well to the Sarawak Political landscape. Or will it?

Will National Politics be really achieved when all Peninsular based parties join forces in Sarawak? A 23 year old youth division leader of a BN based party even commented that since Keadilan and DAP has made their presence felt and we need and its becoming a “necessity” to have National politics.Does Sarawak BN needs reminding that the playing field will be stretched come 2010 he further added. BN will feel the wrath and  onslaught of Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak if we continue to distance ourselves from having the other BN component parties in the State. So is Sarawak ready for National Politics?

The flight has just landed and missing Day 5 of the DUN was unfortunate but there are other pressing matters which will take some shifting in the months to come.To achieve 10million membership for BN is already an achievement what more 70million….Until then have a good weekend.