SPDP-PRS Merger? Day 4

“Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party + Parti  Rakyat Sarawak”

The walls are starting to Shake!!.  Drama at its bests… Two Multi- racial BN parties merging as One entity. Who stands to benefit? What will this new entity be called? Will SUPP be the No.3 Partner in the coalition? Who will be the leader? Many questions needs to be answered and we will not dwell on it. Let the merger take its natural course and until there are concrete and detail plans it will remain still a “QUESTION MARK”.

The usual happenings at the DUN today. Nothing to report as such and Day 4 will be remembered as YB Dominique pushing the BN legislators up the wall and his finger up their noses with his”people’s power through Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat” It was a “Fishmarket” scene with the booing and the “diam” being heard and “Ah Ya’s” from the Barisan National YB’s.  Tame affairs but its the usual DUN Day.

Until then, Day 5 is on the doorstep. See you tomorrow. Keep on wrestling!!!1