Day 3 Dun Wrestlers

In the grand scheme of things will Day 3 bring the house down? Early morning session and there was already a headlocked for YB Abdul Rahman (ADUN Pantai Damai) when he interjected on YB Voon Lee Shan debating on TYT’s opening remarks. Fancy asking an Ex-Police inspector now a Yang Berhormat to go back and assist the Police force in Sarawak in solving pressing matters of crime? Obviously YB Voon put it nicely as “To combat crime, not only must the nation have adequate manpower, but, logistics and deployment of police personnel must be properly managed”

Next YB Voon touched on”When Chinese and Indian youths wanted to join the Police Force, the normal answer we got from the Ministers were that, these Chinese and Indian youths were not interested to join the Police Force”

Immediately the Assistant Minister In the Chief Minister’s Office YB Larry Sng stood up with a bold question “How then can you assist us to get them to join? A flurry of arms descended on his body with YB Wong Ho Leng helping his collegue YB Voon on the floor by saying that the Barisan National government should know what to do and not asking us the Opposition. Was it a double arm lock? Or in wrestling term the crab lock. YB Larry did not take it too lightly and was about to go for another salvo when his colleague YB Daud (ADUN Tupong) touched his back and said don’t be fooled by them to the floor.

Seeing of the challengers YB Voon saw a way out when he touched on the sensitive subject of last DUN session on the 26th of November 2007  in support of his colleague YB TIng Tze Hui who had spoken of the Iban people and the importance of the environment and land to them.

Land Development Minister Dato Sri James Masing considers it “cultural arrogance” for a non-native to teach a native what his customary rights (NCR) land means to him. The Minister further stressed at that time that”“To teach natives what their NCR land means to them is bordering on arrogance, and if the teacher in this instance is a non-native, then it is cultural arrogance,” Wow! Head locked, Arm Locked ,and Body Locked all in One.Obviously not to the referee and Speaker YB  Dato Sri Mohamad Asfia who did not want to digress on past issues and gave a warning to the YB Voon. To push his point across YB Voon said that many Dayak Intellectuals are not happy with these remarks and also quoted a retired Dayak diplomat as this “Racist Remark” does not bode well for the people of Sarawak. It was at this time that the Speaker put his foot in and ask YB Voon to move on. Stop! Stop! Stop! The Speaker was furious..

YB Voon Lee Shan seemed happy enough as he has “Crushed “so it seems the Barisan National Legislators. He then  wished everyone “Selamat Hari Gawai” and hope the DUN would not turn out to be  a “Fish Market”. There was obviously a chorus of “boo’s and ahs” and for us lets look forward towards Day 4.