“Scoring Points?-DUN Wrestlers”

The Arena was set. A phenomena about to happen like the rising waters in Langkawi,Kedah ? Not really,  Its Day 2 of Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak May the 6th 2008. Surely one would wonder who the main stars would be. Centre stage the referee himself the Evergreen YB  Dato Sri Mohamad Asfia (Speaker) and on both sides of the fence the main players ending the days DUN proceedings would be the Wongs..(The honourable YBS of Bawan Assan and YB Bukit Assek) i.e Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh and Wong Ho Leng. 

It was a rather cloudy day as my friend and I made our way at 10.00am to the DUN at Petra Jaya. As soon as we took our bow to the Speaker we heard the words”Playing to the Gallery”. Wah! Glee! So early and the DUN wrestlers are at each others throats again.

Subject: Debate on Interpretation (Amendment) Ordinance 2008

What is the fuss then I say? OIC its like that……

By uploading the Gazette and the Ordinance in the official portals, the Government must expect that the information will be used and must have sufficient confidence that the information there is reliable. The Government should not escape responsibility by the Disclaimer. (Copied from YB Wong Ho Leng’s Blog)

There were explanations on the “Disclaimer” issue from part players today YB Chong Chieng Jen and YB Dominique Ng who both feel that their support for the bill will be 100% if the disclaimer clause is removed.

I for one advocated the disclaimer clause when 5 years ago I had a website “soccer-shadow.com. But that was my own analysis and obviously for soccer predictions i would rather not be brought to court for making some poor soul loose a fistful of dollars. Suddenly my brain cells got a knock..Hey man this is afterall a Government Portal….

The real deal and the challenge was set by YB Julaihi (ADUN Sebuyau) when he debated for the motion but unfortunately he threw the spanner in the works by having a go at the opposition for not supporting the bill. Huh! What is going on? Are we going to be caught in a crossfire?

In the 1st place the opposition YBs say they will be supporting the bill but it needs just minor adjustment. Fair enough I said. Its playing to the gallery as both sides were trying to score points. Fiery exchanges were heard amongst them” I’m not afraid of You.” Surely this should not even be uttered of all places in the DUN? If you know what I Mean…..”Ring”…”Are they boxers? ha ha ha ”  

The Speaker intervened and asked the Minister  Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan to move to pass the bill. Smiling and looking rather bemused he said” I thought everyone would agree with this bill and its a rather simple one” To the DUN wrestlers scoring points,”staying ahead’,outwitting each other is the name of the game in their political game. We are just the gallery watchers and lets be entertained i told my friend. The morning session was lively and we came back for the afternoon deliberations.

Forget the phenomena in Langkawi,the disclaimer issue  and lets go direct to the afternoon “Wongs” duel “flood mitigation implementations” YB Dominique was in the centre of the howling and catcalls when he queried on something close to his heart” Padungan Mitigation Plans. Why? He mistookly said its “His Padungan” One backbencher cheekily remark Padungan is not his but Sarawaks.

Whats more when YB Wong Ho Leng said “It is a shame that the BN has to “hijack” his motion and make it its own”and RM400 million to build the road bunds instead of more holistic solutions”. Wow!! Lets hear this out from YB Wong Ho Leng. He put it all nicely”If anyone should think of solving the flood problems in Sarawak, he must know the structure of the towns and the river serving these towns. He must realise that waterways had become blocked by sand bars due to siltation, shrubs and vegetation. There are others he told the August house but to him The Minister of Tourism should see that there is no wisdom in spending RM400 million to encircle Sibu town with a road bund system in order to attract tourists. 

I particularly like the phrase when YB Wong Ho Leng said,” if the arteries are not seriously being blocked in the heart a simple ballooning is the answer.” Surely the bests is yet come when The other Wong had 15minutes of winding up. He did say RM400 million was requested and put forward to  the Federal Government. Scoring Points again nope to say the least….RM 24 million allocated in the 9th Malaysia Plan and a review of the project to carry on to the 10th Malaysia Plan. Sad but its not one of the “priority” projects of the Federal projects. We should know that the “Corridors are the Major Ones.”

Both sides of the house gave their own expertise and used their arguments for the better good to the public gallery. It was nonetheless a very lively afternoon as we followed the proceedings.

 Arer’t there any better solutions forthcoming? My friend who is also a political critic said that if the Government legislator comes up with a great solution and it fails especially if its against mother nature it would be a watery grave for him. Is it so? So does it mean he is keeping something up his sleeve? Its a political side show and a see-saw for both sides as floods will be dealt it “As and When “it occurs. Doesn’t it sound familiar?

Two things came up when we drove off and discussed away from the DUN settings.

1. Learn form the Netherlands 2.Roman Aqueducts.

Netherlands-One quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level and Aqueducts- The great and highly advanced Roman waterway system known as the Aqueducts, are among the greatest achievements in the ancient world. Why is to learn from history and How is the crazy idea of building the Aqueducts and pumping the flood waters out through this mammoth architecture. Obviously we both need to put our heads together or should we?

The Wong duel lasted till 5.45pm and when The Minister of Tourism winded up he said “If there is rain in Sibu” YB Wong Ho Leng  is the most happiest person as it will flood and he will be photographed which to him is Publicity”

YB Wong Ho Leng interjected to the laughter of everyone in the house as he mentioned the Minister of Tourism will bring along the Wawasan Team of YB Robert Lau,YB Vincent Goh,YB Soon and YB Tiong for a photoshoot…It’s not all serious stuff afterall.!!

Did the DUN Wrestlers score points? If not they could use the Aqueducts as it is not only a major tourist attraction but also it was a political tool for the Romans……