Covering the Sun?

There is a wise old saying that goes like this”Dark Clouds will not be able to cover the sun after it rains”

140 to 82 seats in Parliament. Live coverage..What did it achieve? Nothing much than names calling”Big Foot” and “Big Monkey” from 2 legislators one each from Pakatan Rakyat and one from Barisan national Both are seasoned politicians and for me to comment “Its just absurd and childish to say the least.”

Of course there would not be a fire if no one lights it up and “Who did what?” and “Do what?” is not the Rakyats concern. We have just come out from the National polls in March and these 222 legislators should have decorum, respect the institution and please do not waste “taxpayers money” if its so difficult to understand.  

 The Sun in this context represents the Rakyat who do not want to be fooled again.They have made the choices and put their representatives into Parliament to look into policies be it education,land welfare and social needs. The Menteri Besar of Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said that there is no need to hide the truth from the Rakyat as the Rakyat very much so want to know what their representatives are doing. Can they cover the Sun? It rained on the night of March 8 to some joyous rain and to others acidic rain. 5 years is a short journey and the representatives will be judge by the very same electorate that put them there.

Sarawak Dewan Undangan Negeri Meeting May 5th-May14th 2008. 62 to 9 seats in Sarawak State Legislative Assembly. It promises to be a very lively affair as always the Dark Clouds hovering will be met with an avalanche of questions from just 9 opposition members not unless the other 2 are just mere “bystanders” as a few disgruntled voters from their constituency nicely put it.

What a waste of our efforts? We thought that the Sun would come out but  Dark Clouds still remains in their constituencies? In May 2005 they had the option of voting for their choice of the  right candidate and its year 2008 the constituents/voters are still whining. What do they want? Haven’t they got the right man into the State legislative Assembly. Have these peoples representative earned their keep?

A very learned friend of mine who happens to be a Dayak himself did not mince his words as he was very sore with these legislators. He said it is high time that Dayak YBs be just mere distributor of Minor Rural Projects. I asked myself was he insinuating that they have joined the government and are sitting in the wrong side of the fence? I am not a judge of their character nor their wisdom.

They should be the prime movers in formulating “fair policies” he further added. Isn’t the Government Dayak leaders doing just that for the Dayak race one may ask? There are sound policies in terms of welfare,education,land and social  which the government has practised for all races and obviously that is not good enough for my Dayak friend.

The dark clouds are hovering and many issues will be brought up in the DUN sitting this May 5th-14th 2008. Obviously he did mention that Wong Ho Leng (Opposition leader in DUN) has prepared his questions on matters which involves Housing,Infrastructure, Communication, Agriculture,Peace,Security and most notably swiflet ranching which brings economic benefits.

Rain spots are starting to fall and my Dayak friends are hoping that the sun will come out to give them a ray of hope. It is not whether the YBs are from government or opposition. Its the people who put you there and if they are not satisfied with the YBs performance they can vote for others in the next elections.

The Dark Clouds will not cover the Sun forever. YBs will know whether they will be expose sooner rather than later. Don’t say the people never warn you…………