Bottleneck Highway to Mambong RM$243 million?

Jam and more Jam!! The deafening cries of thousands of motorists who frequent the Mambong to Pending a journey of Approxiamtely 24km which during the day takes 1hour or more and when if it is completed will take at only 20 minutes. Why the particular interests in this Mambong Highway?

The author was informed by a reliable source that  there has been a lot of jostling and tussling over this project. It is of no use to the State Barisan National Government if there are delays when the project itself has been implemented. This delays should stop now and the funds that was made readily available when the project was awarded be channelled back for immediate implementation. Obviously there are causes for delays but it is “Inexcusable” when Plans that are put forward by the Economic Planning Unit to suffer a hiccup. They say without Planning,Projects will fail and in this case isn’t it worrying for the Rakyat?   

Let us think for the Rakyat for once and not just another Barisan Project.

1. The amount of man hours travelling this journey to and from work is enough wastage in terms of human capacity and man hours used up which the country can ill afford.

2. The Economical benefits and money spinning projects available for the rakyat and tax collections for the government coffers if this road is completed on schedule and not Delayed!!!

3.Sungai Kuap Bridge which spans the Pending to Mambong road is in its final stages of completion. It is 2% ahead of works schedule and it will be ready and passable for traffic in December 2008. The contractors have delivered and they are 3months ahead of the official handover date March 2009. 

4.Why in the first place build a bridge while you delay the highway? This does not stop traffic congestion from being solved and it leads further to more bottlenecks. This the rakyat feels that it is indeed poor planning and a wastage of public expenditures. Some might say its a chicken and egg situation. Do you think so?

5. All works should work simultaneously is the answer and to give anyone the benefit of the doubt for querying is just undermining the rakyat’s intelligence. A bottleneck with no immediate solution is a cause for concern.

The Ministry of Works has to prioritised this project as it is a sickening worry for the State Barisan Government especially  when in the Kuching Urban areas they suffered significant losses to the DAP and Keadilan. Can this turn it round for the State BN? Some say unless otherwise its “the pot calling the kettle black” all is not lost.

The Rakyat are the masters in this  political scenario. It is wise to keep them happy on a good journey to and from work instead of them putting their frustrations in the Ballot boxes.

Make it a Bottleneck No more and lets have a Good Superhighway to Mambong and back. Lets get cracking and walk the talk!!!! Hidup Rakyat……