The Battle of Sarawak 2010-Wave or Changes?

March 2008 is a milestone for Malaysian Politics. The opposition denied the ruling Barisan National government of 2/3 rd majority in Parliament. The body count stands as 140-82. Does it signify anything for the political landscape for Malaysia. Of course says many a few where there will be transparency following which the government legislators will be balanced and checked.

Sarawak Barisan National was hit with a small wave in May 2005 with 9 seats falling to the opposition. In comparison to March 2008 this was just a very insignificant jolt in the administration. Or is it?

What we are driving at is that come 2010 will Sarawak BN enjoy keeping the same number of seats or wrestled back some of the losts seats. Its an interesting  scenario. I had an oppurtunity to discuss with a a number of Barisan ADUNS and there were quite confident in retaining their seats.

Why and how there were? The why is the lesson being passed down from the national politics is that

1) Sarawak government will not be insensitve in demolishing Indian or chinese temples or even churches eventhough the land is to make way for Development.

2)Appointments of Civil Servants in the State Administration is closely scrutinized and will not be in the case of Lingams file.

3)Certainly there would not be a victim being “BLOWN” away in Sarawak.

How is that the YBS are from rural designate constituencies and by virtue of being close to the grassroots there are certainly difficult to dislodge from their seats. Personality plays a very  significant part and in todays Political landscape the YBS have to market, promote themselves as one of the voters friend. The bottom line is that the YBS of today are advertising themselves more than in the pasts and these few YBs are really unleashing their Potential in this Change of political landscape come 2010.

The Changes expected will see State administrators from Opposition and Government State Legislators battling it out in the Battle of Sarawak 2010/2011 for 71 Seats. Who has a seat will depend whether the YBS in question heed the battlecry of the wave and the changes it signifies.

For those aspiring candidates for the Battle of Sarawak 2010 make early preparations as the saying goes”Early Bird catches the Worm”

5 Resolutions

Batu Lintang PRS Division calls for TDC and passes 5 Resolutions at Joint Divisional Youth and Wanita Meeting at Annual General Meeting



Kuching 26th April-Batu Lintang PRS Division held its yearly AGM at PRS Headquarters Green Heights and called for a fresh TDC for the crisis ridden party.


The Division noted that PRS members throughout the State of Sarawak need to ask themselves some tough questions such as whether personal agenda and ego is more important as moving the party forward and the original struggle of the party and its multi racial concept.


Boniface Wee the Division Deputy Chairman who issued a Press Statement mentioned that the meeting was well attended by 836 Divisional members and also it was attended by PRS Central Wanita Chief Cr.Josephine Mawat and Divisional Chairman, Youth Chief and Wanita Chief.


Amongst the 5 resolutions passed were:-


  1. That the Division with 1430 members collectively stays United as One until such time when its sees fit and deem necessary for next course of action.
  2. That the Division will give ROS enough time 1 ½ months to answer to the requests of the 19 Division Chiefs letter to ROS forwarded by PRS Secretary General requesting for the true lists of Office Bearers.
  3.  The Division feels that the crisis can only be solved with a “Triennial Delegates Conference” attended by both factions witnessed by a 3rd party. This is in line to stop personal conflicts on personal basis by hearing to the grassroots voice and support.
  4. That there should be a stop to witch- hunting, sackings and to ensure that PRS remains strong and united as a  Barisan Partner
  5. That all the requests for terminations and appointments of the State Cabinet Ministers stays as the prerogative of our Beloved Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud and it should not be questioned.


He also said that the Division concurred that there should stop this practice of formation and overlapping of New divisions as the 1st of April 2008 letter from ROS did mention in bold words that “Please take note that any society which purposely breaks the Societies Act of 1966 together with its laws will find it subject to deregistration under Section 13 of the Societies Act 1966”. Therefore the call for a TDC is of utmost importance if the party is to move forward he reiterated.


The Birth of Multi Racialism in East Malaysia

The Birth of MultiRacialism
Unleash the Potential of Youth and let them come into their own. When Batu Lintang Division was formed in November 2004 the members averaging 26 years of age saw the divine light in that their voices would be heard. We have preached and inculcate into the minds of our grassroots the very essence of the democratic voices of the Youth.

Tun Mahathir has nurtured us well for 22years as Prime Minister. Datuk Seri Abdullah was given a rude awakening and so it seems. Someone did mentioned to me that Datuk Seri Abdullah had it all worked out and planned to the minute detail and even so it coming.
In any democracy 140 to 222 seats is such a comfortable majority and lets do away with this notion of the blame game and get on with the democratic process and govern the country well as the electorate has spoken.

The youths in our beloved country Malaysia want their independence and their very rights to choose a government where their comfort zones are not jeorpadised.

We as a PRS Division within the mainframe work of Barisan National needs to cater into the needs and demands of the young. Unless we do the young voters will continue to vote against us and this shift will clearly be a thorn in our backs.

Dato Seri Anwar the de facto leader in waiting has harped on Multi racialsim.Race based politics is being eroded and the youths are leading the way.The racial divide has been crossed and its high time that our parties take a “Very Special Look ” into the youths minds and ideas to ensure the survival of our BN Parties.

Unless we as a Division within the framework of the Party are given the due recognition as a vehicle that sustains the aspirations of the Youth within our intellectual and blogging world it is sad that many will look for an alternate vehicle. The Executive Committee and the grassroots has made it very clear and the leaders within the Division has taken note. Time is on our side! We are Young and Vibrant! Politics today has taken a new Shape!! Multi Racialism needs the leaders to walk their Talk!!!

Athanasius Audie Chua Tamby
PRS Batu Lintang Division Chairman